Living in India 

India is a vast and diverse country full of great natural wonders, and the major cities offer social, shopping and leisure facilities on a par with many western countries.
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Family is the bedrock of Indian society. If you’re an Indian national thinking about returning home, the prospect of being closer to your loved ones must be a chief appeal. Returning from a foreign country needn’t mean sacrificing quality of life though – as the country’s infrastructure and wealth develops, better quality housing, transport and shops are becoming more widespread.

The Indian way of life may take some adjusting to; for example, you’re unlikely to be able to open a business directory and find all the information you need to put your life in order – people you meet will recommend where to find everyday services; also, basic things such as hiring a cab require a different approach, requiring a phone call in advance to book it.

Culturally, though, India is an easy and relatively safe place to live. The British law-base means the legal system is moderate, and the sheer diversity of languages (there are 14 officially, with English and Hindi the most common in everyday usage) and religions (Hindu accounting for 80 percent of the population) means that Indian people are generally very tolerant. Divergent classes can also peacefully coexist, though the gap between rich and poor can be shocking.

Indian people are unlikely to say no to a request, even if they are reluctant to do what you’ve asked — it’s a matter of getting to know the visual cues such as body language that reveal people’s feelings towards things. On the whole, you will be made very welcome — expect to be invited home by colleagues who want you to be happy and settled, and given an introduction to their life and culture.

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"The social life in Mumbai is very cosmopolitan and diverse, and easy to settle into."
Amit, Director, Strategic and Commercial Intelligence, Mumbai
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