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I’ve been with KPMG for eight years now, and my career progression here so far has been fast. We’re always moving into new domains, so there’s ample opportunity for anyone who’s serious about getting on.
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Service line: IT Advisory Role: Senior Manager
I started my career at a competitor in India, but after a year I moved on again to join an internal IT audit team in a large manufacturing company. It was a case of the grass always being greener on the other side — but after a year, I was finding things too slow. So, I decided to go back to consultancy, and I chose KPMG because it had much more interesting work than other competitor firms and I knew it would allow me to progress quickly.

The speed of promotion in KPMG is good, and I’ve actually progressed from Manager to Senior Manager slightly faster than average, which is very rewarding.

People in India in the consulting industry typically change jobs every three to four years, but our team here has an outstanding retention record.

I think this is because the practice is growing so fast, going from 15 to 310 people in my time here, and also because there’s great cohesion in the team. It’s also thanks to the top-notch quality and professionalism in our firm. This means that there’s a real sense of ownership within our team. We’ve all stayed to nurture it and help it grow.

I have also spent time in the UK during my career but, at the moment, I think KPMG in India is the place to be.
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