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I joined KPMG in Mumbai at the start of my professional career. In India, KPMG is known for the quality of its work and has a reputation of integrity — a great asset to anyone’s career.
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Service line: Advisory – Governance, Risk and Compliance Service
Role:Senior Manager
Location: Pune
KPMG in India provides an excellent opportunity to work with a bunch of highly intellectual individuals in a vibrant economy.

I have been here now for six years and I have never thought of moving. Performance is well recognized and rewarded with good career development. There is also a very fair and just appraisal system in place with two or three Partners overseeing each appraisal so no individual can favor someone over another.

A professional highlight for me was taking charge of the Pune office three years ago. We started from a zero base and have made it the biggest practice in this region. We began with just one or two clients at first, and now we are well into double figures.

In Pune we have a set of friendly professionals who believe in the core values of open and honest communication. The environment is very cordial and everyone discusses and shares their ideas with subordinates, peers and seniors. The level of transparency is high, and people can voice their opinions freely, at whatever level.

My advice would be to positively look at the opportunity of working with KPMG in India.
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