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When I joined KPMG in 2004 it was my first job. I started in my home city of Seoul, Korea, but kept reading in the news about one of the world’s most prominent emerging markets which prompted me to travel and relocate. That was 18 months ago, and now I’m based full-time in Delhi. I have more responsibility here than I could have imagined in Korea, and colleagues and friends back home say I have grown progressively.
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Service line: Markets and Advisory
Role: Assistant Manager
Location: New Delhi
My role is client-facing, and a lot of the time I work with Korean investors who are looking to enter a wide range of markets across India. In this regard, my exposure and experience in different cities and opportunities is enriching my knowledge and understanding about India, which is an asset of value to clients and KPMG.

Because I work cross-functionally, both internally and externally, relationship building is a prerequisite — wins and achievements come from people and winning hearts, not from our brand in itself. For example, I work with different teams within the organization so being able to be open and inclusive in communication with my colleagues and clients is core to my daily role as a bridge between Korean and Indian initiatives.

Business and corporate culture here work differently from Korea or any other cities I’ve lived in Europe, but a shift to being more flexible and passionate about growing yourself in a challenging market will make you a true global citizen.

If you are excited about advising clients on solving some of their most important strategic needs in a challenging and growing environment, it is a great time to consider India. I believe what India showed during the past decade will be substantially different from what we will see in the next few years.
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