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When the Head of Tax at KPMG in Germany proposed to me a role in India, it sounded really interesting. I thought of India as a great place for a vacation, but I had never been to or had business relationships in India before. It has been so far full of enjoyable challenges, and it’s a great opportunity to get to know a new part of the world.
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Service line: Mergers & Acquisitions Tax
Role: Director
I have been in Mumbai for ten months now, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with major Indian clients and on major tax projects where I have been able to take on significant responsibility for the job. I have also been working alongside more senior personnel of clients than elsewhere, for example with Chief Financial Officers and Company Directors.

I have worked abroad before, in Bogotá, Melbourne, Frankfurt, New York, Zurich and London, but above all others India is a truly enriching and exciting as an ‘out of the box’ experience.

India’s economy is growing quickly, and KPMG in India has a special energy and desire to move things ahead in a big way. If you want to do something big and new yourself, then KPMG in India lets you do it early on and with plenty of support.

My colleagues and neighbors here have really helped me ease into the new environment, and have taken pleasure in showing me their way of life, cultures and customs. Life in India does have its challenges, such as learning the different ways that people interact and communicate. I would advise any non-Indian to speak to as many people as they can who have an insight into working and living in India, so they can be well placed when they come to take advantage of and be prepared for the opportunities and challenges the country presents.

You have to be up for an adventure sometimes in India, but because it’s so big and diverse it promises to be an intriguing and hopefully long lasting experience.
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