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I have come to India on a two-year secondment to develop KPMG's Global Infrastructure and Projects Group in India.
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Service line: Corporate Finance
Role: Director
Location: Mumbai
I wanted to come to India because there's a massive demand for new infrastructure to keep up with the country's continuing economic growth. This provides very exciting opportunities for the development of new models of infrastructure financing, and of new sectors using Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

India is quite a challenging country to come to; things are seldom as straightforward as they may at first appear, and you do need to be ready to adapt. For example, on the day we arrived we took a cab to a shopping mall. When we were ready to go home we tried to call another cab to collect us.

However, we are quickly learning the ropes and highlights so far have included a day riding elephants and a weekend in a stunning heritage fort hotel. India’s reputation as a land of extreme contrasts is certainly true: you can’t avoid the poverty at your car window, the frequent power cuts and heavy traffic; but there are some wonderful amenities which you don't find at home — like the golf club we have joined with its immaculate and accessible course, boundless service, and Sunday buffet lunch by the pool in lovely late November sun.

On the work front, what strikes you is everyone’s tremendous energy, enthusiasm and openness, including those in government, to meet you and listen to ideas. The opportunities seem to come from all directions, and I fear our time here will pass far too swiftly but provide a lasting legacy of friendships, networks and on-going global opportunities.
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