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I was working in the US for a technology consulting business when I found out that KPMG in India was starting up a new division led by a senior manager I knew from my time with a competitor to KPMG.
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Service line: Strategic and Commercial Intelligence
Role: Director
Location: Mumbai
I was really attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit I saw at KPMG India and could see that they were leading the evolution of advisory services in India. It was obviously a great opportunity, and I knew that young managers would be given the freedom to grow the business and bring in clients. It even looked likely that KPMG could grow faster than the Indian economy — which has proved to be the case.

All this meant that I just had to get back to Mumbai, where I was born and brought up. It’s the capital of Indian financial services, and is the place to really launch a career.

Since I came back, I’ve helped grow the team from two people to 40 with lots of support from my colleagues, particularly the highly experienced managers in other divisions, with whom I’ve developed a relationship of collaboration and trust.

I’ve noticed big changes in India, such as the amazing growth of opportunities, and the earning power of 200 million or so people which is leading to better living standards for many. On an international stage, there is also far better understanding and knowledge of India.

Another great improvement is the social life in Mumbai — it’s very cosmopolitan and diverse, and easy to settle into. There’s an excellent ex-pat community, and KPMG tries to help with social things too, for example organising regular get-togethers for staff. There are also lots of different religious communities here, which makes Mumbai a very tolerant environment.
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