The Chinese Economy 

The Chinese economy is in the early stages of a remarkable and enormous expansion. As the Chinese market opens to foreign companies, its allure can be as a manufacturing base or as a marketplace in its own right.
Yet it can be a challenging place for foreign investors to do business. They need reliable, independent professional advice as they establish, structure and expand their business in China, from professionals who understand both local and cross-border issues.

For Chinese businesses, there is the challenge of competing with global leaders in their home market, and then the challenge of how to compete internationally. This means understanding and adapting to international standards and practices. KPMG in China's professionals will need to work on initial public offerings, to provide auditing services for listed companies and to offer advisory services on mergers and acquisitions, risk management overseas expansion and taxation, and far more besides. Could you flourish in the booming Chinese economy?

The Chinese economy in 2006
  • Growth: 10.7 percent1
  • Exports US$1,000,000,000,0002
  • GDP US$2,700,000,000,0003
  • USD millionaires 320,0004

In September 2005 China became the number one exporter of goods to the U.S. and is still growing.

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