It’s difficult to capture KPMG in words alone, and no-one’s better qualified to describe what it’s like to work here than the people who do. That’s why we gave KPMG people around the world a video camera and a simple brief: tell us what it’s really like to work at KPMG. Here — alongside, facts, figures, achievements and awards — is what they told us.

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We gave KPMG people in cities around the world a simple brief – tell us what it’s really like to work for a KPMG member firm.

Here’s what they told us alongside some facts, figures, achievements and awards.

What it’s really like

Get a feel for everyday life and work at KPMG — from the people who work here.

1.1.1 Three Words to describe KPMG

Sydney – Knowledge, insight and adventures

Hong Kong – Professional, diversified and innovative

Sydney – Successful, driven and passionate

Amsterdam – Professional, common sense and friendly

Moscow – Communication, quality and knowledge

Johannesburg – Play of choice

Moscow – Professional, supportive and responsible

Hong Kong – Integrity, friendly and professional

Johannesburg – Professional, people-focused and cares about the community

Moscow – Dedication, team of strong professionals and my friends

Sydney – Fun, exciting and challenging

Johannesburg – Challenging, multi-faceted and very exciting

Moscow – Professional, it’s dynamic and I find it an exciting place to work in

New York – Caring, professional and committed to serving the community

Moscow – Development, good opportunities and, of course, good friends

Hong Kong – Professional, helpful and cheerful

Manchester – Social, professional and big

Johannesburg – Diverse, dynamic and solution driven

Hong Kong – Professional, experienced and great quality

Hong Kong – Cheerful, integrity and proud

London – People, dynamic and global

Hong Kong – Professional, confident and cooperative

New York – True global network

Hong Kong – Proud, international and professional

Moscow – Fun, honest and it’s developing


1.1.2 87% feel proud

87% of our people are proud to be associated with KPMG.

It could be because of the value KPMG places on diversity – KPMG also received recognition for its diversity initiatives in 2011. Notably, Working Mother magazine honored KPMG in the United States with its most prestigious recognition, naming the firm as a Top 10 organization on its 100 Best Companies list. KPMG in the UK was listed as one of the Top 50 Employers for Women by The Times. KPMG in Canada was named one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers for 2011).


1.1.3 83% recommend KPMG

For some it’s because of the benefits that help our people achieve a good balance between work and home. For others it’s the support and advice they receive from their peers, or quality of their colleagues. But don’t just take out word for it: speak to our people on campus or through people you know. (Global People Survey 2008)

1.1.4 Join the 1000’s that read our careers magazine

To get a feel for life at KPMG, join the thousands of others who read our Global Careers Magazine. Here are just a few stories from our people


Values in action

When an earthquake struck China’s Sichuan Province, people from all over the country provided help and assistance. People from KPMG China were also on the front line, putting our values into action.

When experience pays off

Switching careers is no reason to leave behind your previous skill set, as Mousumi discovered when she moved from a London law firm to KPMG’s Global Diversity team in Toronto.

Out of the box reporting

On a four-month assignment to the United Nations in New York, project manager Uzma brought a business perspective to a governance project, helping adapt businesses’ response reports to the UN Global Compact.

Working in Dubai

Two KPMG managers found fresh challenges in the United Arab Emirate of Dubai. By moving to a new country they uncovered the sorts of responsibilities and projects they couldn’t have found back home.

1.1.5 Kin Shan’s KPMG

“I get to meet a lot of people in my work. A typical day consists of understanding client’s business and liaising with client staff, working in teams of up to about ten people — all from very different backgrounds.

The opportunity to achieve my ambitions is one of the things that attracted me to KPMG. There is excellent training to support professional development, and I hope to become a senior manager or partner eventually. I’m really looking forward to being in a position to train others too.”

- Kin Shan, Accountant, Audit, KPMG China

1.1.6 What type of person works at KPMG?

Moscow – A KPMG person is a person with dedication, because sometimes our work can be intense. Days can be stressful and only integrity and interest in knowing what you do can make you a really successful KPMG person.

Montreal – I think it’s a person who is dedicated, who likes challenges in life and likes having fun.

New York – I would describe my colleagues as some of the smartest people I have ever met, very intelligent, diverse. They are all from different backgrounds, different experiences, different countries — so, very vibrant environment.

Hyderabad – My colleagues are amazing. They are highly talented and it’s exciting to work with them.

Johannesburg – They definitely have to be above average, flexible and caring about people and about everything that is happening around them — passionate and highly innovative people.

London – Fun, diverse, bit whacky at times and very motivated — that’s what everyone’s got in common here.

Johannesburg – Someone who cares for the greater good

Sydney – Someone who has the drive to excel, someone who can balance both work and personal life and, obviously, someone who is a good team player and communicator

Johannesburg – Somebody who is not afraid of a challenge, not afraid of hard work but can strike a balance — I think that is the most important thing.

Manchester – Someone who is hardworking, dedicated, likes to have fun and has plenty of outside interests

New York – Someone who has values and is dedicated to their job

Johannesburg – Somebody who respects the individual; somebody who’s a team player

Delhi – There are some crazy and wild people here — people who can bring in a cheerful, energetic environment, and sometimes the craziness helps, especially because we work late hours and with tight deadlines.

Moscow – They are really great professionals and are always ready to provide you with help and support.

New York – Very professional, caring and fun to work with

Johannesburg – KPMG people are free thinkers; they are passionate people and people who will go above and beyond the call of duty.

Sydney – Everyone is really friendly, intelligent and hardworking.

London – A KPMG person is someone who is driven, career motivated, friendly, approachable, good with clients, good with teams and likes to have fun as well.

Moscow – On my first day at KPMG, I got a chance to meet really educated and interesting people; I am really excited to work with such people.

Johannesburg – My colleagues are the most interesting, diverse bunch of people you can imagine. We have different types of people with all sorts of lives and we have a lot of fun together.


1.2 The bigger picture

Find out how KPMG firm reach far beyond the world of business — and what that means to our people.


1.2.1 Why is KPMG such an influential organization?

New York – It’s really the people that we have — a set of highly committed people doing a great job, great client service and always conscious of our role towards our communities.

New York – KPMG is such an influential organization because of our values. We are really committed to our communities and we also value our people.

Toronto – KPMG has a lot of reach and it’s a global organization. It has a big presence in our country. I think part of the reason is because we are involved in our communities. It is not only from an audit, tax or advisory perspective, but our leaders and our people are heavily involved in the communities.

1.2.3 $23.03 combined revenues (billion)

1.2.4 See why our values really matter

We believe that business has a critical role to play in helping to solve some of the world’s issues. Every day our people are putting their skills to work and having a positive impact on their communities. This approach is central to what it means to be a part of KPMG. Here are just a few examples of how our people are contributing.


US, Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities

KPMG in the US established a scholarship fund with Major League Baseball TM’s Reviving Baseball in Inner cities ® (RBI) which aims to increase the participation of city children in baseball.

Spain, Study and Play

Last July, nearly 100 volunteers from the firm’s Madrid, Barcelona and Pamplona offices collaborated with local not-for-profit organizations, spending over 1,000 working hours tutoring 182 socially marginalized children.

Japan, Global Millennium Villages

In September 2008, KPMG member firms announced a 5-year, $1.5 million contribution in support of the Millennium Villages initiative. KPMG people will provide free, skills-based assistance to the village in sub-Saharan Africa – helping to create economic growth and development.

Indonesia, Renovating Our Village Schools

People from KPMG in Indonesia provided essential aid and repairs at the village elementary school in Cipinang Melayu.

South Africa, Elephant Relocation

KPMG in South Africa has been a part of the South African National Parks elephant relocation program since its inception, successfully relocating over 850 animals.

Cayman Islands, Ocean Literacy Program

KPMG in the Cayman Islands is working with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute supporting their Ocean Literacy Program which aims to ensure every child in the Cayman Islands understands how the ocean affects the underwater wildlife, environment and local economy.

1.2.5 What personal passions has KPMG helped you to support?

Moscow – One of my biggest passions and interests is volunteering in the community and I am sharing this strategy that KPMG has adopted, which involves helping children in the disadvantaged social or medical risk groups.

Toronto – I am heavily involved in charity in the Toronto area and KPMG has given me time, resources and support to give back to that charity.

New York – On the personal front, I love playing squash and I have represented KPMG and have won a couple of corporate squash tournaments. So, that was something aside from professional life.

Johannesburg – The thing that drives me is my family and that is my passion in life — the things I do, the people I spend my time with. So, I want my career to fit in with that and complement each other. I have made lots of friends here and they have also come into my little family circle.

Montreal – I love teaching. I was a lecturer at the McGill University and I love to teach. So, with the people around me, I can keep on pursuing that passion.

1.2.6 Excellence recognized

KPMG member firms are proud to win awards for the work that they do and the professionalism they bring to the industry. Here are just a few of them:


Hong Kong Tax Firm fo the Year 2010

KPMG no. 2 Universum’s most attractive employer list in 2010, 2011 and 2012

Canada’s Best Diversity Employer 2011

KPMG Singapore wins Corporate HR Awards

#1 Worldwide M&A Advisor by volume, 2011

IA&P’s 2011 World’s Best Outstanding Advisors

Accounting Age 2010 Award Winner



1.2.7 Michael Hastings: Putting our skills to work

Michael Hastings – Global Head of Citizenship – It’s a fantastic privilege to be part of KPMG, operating all over the world. There are 145,000 incredibly able, very bright, very energetic, very committed people. At the heart of KPMG is a commitment to our communities. We want to set the pace on corporate citizenship. We want to lead change; we want to be involved in dynamic solutions that change the societies in which we work.

At the core of our commitment to communities is the principal that we want to provide opportunities that enable our people to make a difference in their cities, villages, towns, communities and nations —we should be prepared to move the needle forward on the big questions that trouble our world, like, climate change and poverty. We should have a strategy that empowers people to use their skills as well as to use their hands. So, we’ve joined forces with organizations at the front line — NGOs like UNICEF, World Vision, Save the Children, Oxfam and The Millennium Cities Program — to get our people skills lined up with the issues of deprivation and need, educational development and giving ways in which we can make a difference for the poorest people in the world.

1.2.8 15% less carbon

We’ve been widely recognized for achieving our goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 25% in 2010. We have set a new goal for reducing our footprint by another 15% by 2015.

KPMG in Canada was voted one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. Our Irish firm won Ireland’s Green Professional Services Award. Computerworld cited our US firm’s focus on innovative, emission reducing targets.

1.3 People growing

We want our people to learn and grow. Discover the learning and support that help them do exactly that.

1.3.1 What has been your biggest achievement?

London – Coming on secondment has helped me meet lots of new people, build good networks, experience different clients, and learn about IFRS. So, I think that was probably the best.

Toronto – I think my biggest achievement so far is making manager and moving to a new group, a new industry, getting that kind of exposure and just immersing myself into that group and excelling during this year. 

Sydney – It is quite challenging, being straight out of the school and having to adapt to working in a full-time environment as well as studying. But KPMG really helps you through that.

Sydney – Becoming a Chartered Accountant — they have been very supportive with training and guidance, despite a busy working schedule. That is my biggest achievement.

Manchester – This summer I passed my Chartered Accountancy exams and last November I passed my Chartered Tax Adviser exams.

New York – I have been with the firm for three years and I have been promoted from a senior associate to senior manager within those three years. So, that, to me, is a great achievement. I was also involved in all the client activities and I was responsible for certain analysis. This is something I did not do three years ago and now I am responsible for it.

1.3.2 How has someone helped you build a career?

Montreal – I think everyone plays a part in the office in reaching our goals, whether it’s your managers, partners, your clients, your performance manager or your mentors — they all play a small part in helping you reach where you want to in your career.

Sydney – I am a graduate tax consultant. I have a buddy who looks after my everyday activities and I have a performance manager who helps supervise the work I do and helps me get through my day-to-day work challenges.

Johannesburg – I was fortunate enough to be allocated to a performance manager who really took me under his wing and who has always been a sounding board for me, even now I am five years down the line into corporate finance.

Montreal – I joined the firm as a staff member and then I became a senior accountant. I had a senior manager who became a very good of mine. He was a coach, a mentor who showed me that I could always aspire for more and do better.

New York – A performance manager who really believes in you is critical to your success and that is what I have here at KPMG.

1.3.3 How are we recognized for our people work?

KPMG firms are committed to creating an environment where our people can develop the skills they need to become outstanding professionals and great leaders. That is one of the reasons we have won so many awards — from the best big company to work for in the UK to one of Canada’s greenest employers.

1.3.4 Rachel Campbell, An insight into how we develop our people

“Supporting the development and stretching the performance of our people is at the core of our philosophy. Through a broad range of learning opportunities — from coaching and mentoring to leadership development, succession planning and international assignments — we provide an environment where our people can reach their full potential and accelerate their understanding of the broad business context within which our clients operate. This development ‘on the job’ provides our people with a challenging and stimulating work environment and ensures we are better placed to deliver excellent service to our clients”

- Rachel Campbell, Global Head of People

1.4 Working globally

Find out what it’s like to discover new cultures, countries and ways of working.

1.4.1 Global clients needs global thinkers

Global clients need global teams and global thinkers. That’s why, through our global mobility program, we move our people around the world. Here are some stories and photos from some of our international assignees.

Dora, host country US

I am very proud that KPMG encourages employees to volunteer and give back to the local communities and act for a good cause.

Willis, host country UK

My global opportunity has enabled me to develop more than I could imagine. I’ve developed personal relationships with colleagues from all corners of the globe and enjoyed world-class opportunities beyond any expectations.

Metin, host country South Korea

This is the office of KPMG Korea where I’m on secondment. Knowing the other culture in theory alone leads to situations like this: the westner bowing, the Asian trying to shake hands.

Jonathan, host country UK

This photo was taken on a hillside somewhere in Germany. The person taking this picture is a KPMG employee from the Singapore office that I bumped into on the mountain… small world.

Lydia, host country New Zealand

I’ve made many friends at work. This moment was unforgettable — I’ve never Christmas on beach. I am the second from the left. This is how we work at KPMG — TOGETHER.

Tracey, host country Canada

Traveling around the world seemed crazy at first. But this global opportunity assignment has helped me live in every moment and take in as many sights as possible.

Carolina, host country US

I went to New York with the Global Internship Program. I worked with a Global client and met people from around the world. I did a lot in just a month — an unforgettable experience.

Dave, host country Switzerland

This is on a hike in Switzerland. This cow was resting on an incredible ledge overlooking the alps and the lake below. If you make just a little can reach the most amazing view.

Fe, host country China (Hong Kong)

My assignment to KPMG China was challenging, but in the end, I could see my achievement and the personal growth it offered me. I would climb that mountain again.

1.4.2 Describe a global experience you’ve had at KPMG.

Hong Kong – I work in Hong Kong, which is a great place to work because it is a gateway to the huge markets of China. It is also a great place for us to link up with other offices around Asia Pacific.

Moscow – A year and a half long assignment in South Africa — I spent all the time in Durban. I was acting as an HR manager for a small office.

Mumbai – It is just the international collaboration and the international network — I think it is fantastic. I have never had an issue where I have reached out to another country and they haven’t provided information to me. It’s very fast; everybody is eager to help each other; its fantastic and everybody is very happy.

New York – I had an opportunity to go to Moscow for a month to do an evaluation project for a Russian company. It was the first time I went to Moscow and it was an eye opener for me. It was a completely different culture. But, I found the place to be very exciting.

Amsterdam – I always liked international experiences because usually we travel, for example, to the US, for about a week with the team and it’s a very dedicated way of working. I really enjoy it. We start talking about the assignment on the flight itself. We do our work really hard because we are only there for one week and we try to squeeze as much out of it as possible.

Johannesburg – I have been fortunate enough to spend three months in Moscow, Russia. It was a fantastic experience. I have also had the opportunity to visit numerous KPMG offices throughout Africa.

New York – I have had the opportunity to work in KPMG offices in Mumbai, Amsterdam as well as in New York and that has given me a very good global perspective.

1.4.3 140,000 people

KPMG is over 152,000 people working in 156 countries.

Each year, KPMG member firms recruit thousands of people from around the world, from graduates to Partners. Perhaps you could be one of them?

1.4.4 What’s the most exciting piece of work you’ve done?

Hong Kong – I think the most exciting element of my job is translating complex business information into simple and, hopefully, interesting messages for people across China.

Moscow – It involves liaising with six different KPMG offices spread across three different continents. My colleagues from those offices and I were trying to trace financial assets that had been packaged together and hidden away in offshore jurisdictions in low transparency — little tropical islands, basically. It was something like out of a John Grisham novel.

London – We won a new client and I came to the UK. It was great working on a new client because you have to really understand the business, read about the client and make the client get a fundamental understanding of what the processes are like, what the risks are, work these audit files from the scratch and develop things fundamentally from your understanding.

Toronto – I got my first opportunity to work on a public client when I moved to KPMG, here in Toronto. I now have a couple of big clients who have many things going on at any given point in a year. I have had the opportunity to work with various acquisitions and mergers that they have done and those have been fun.

1.4.5 6,700 international assignments

In the last five years over 6,700 KPMG firms’ professionals went on international assignments to around 100 countries. KPMG’s Global Opportunities program (GO) gives you the chance to work in member firms all over the world, giving you exposure to new clients, industries, cultures and a new way of life.

1.4.6 Search for jobs around our firms

Search opportunities from around the world that suit your skills and experience. Whether you are looking for your first role, an internship opportunity or your next career experience.

1.4.7 Brian Ambrose, Having a global mindset

“KPMG is a global organization and that gives you access to broad opportunities and experiences. You can enjoy exciting work for major clients across global and local markets, working alongside diverse people from different countries. At KPMG you’ll develop a global mindset and network, and an awareness of different business cultures.”

- Brian Ambrose, COO, KPMG International

1.4.8 What do our people say about working here?

“Audit is a very good way to see a variety of different business, and interact closely with the client. This is great preparation especially if you’re coming straight out of university.”

Discover what some of our people have to say about working here. Read their profiles to learn how they have sought, found and grasped opportunities at KPMG.






KPMG is a fascinating and truly global organization made up of outstanding people with a broad range of interests, talents and motivations. Our clients are drawn from every sector of business and industry imaginable — which means there are countless new challenges and opportunities for our people. If you are thinking about a career at KPMG, we think this is a great place to find out whether it’ll work for you.

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