Investing for growth in the United States 

John Veihmeyer, CEO, KPMG in the US; Chairman, KPMG in the Americas
Investing for growth in the United States

The intensity and speed of challenges facing clients in the US have never been greater. The complexity this creates is further heightened by the ongoing political turmoil in Washington, D.C., primarily over fiscal issues.

But there is also growing, albeit cautious optimism, fueled by slow but steady economic growth, resurgence in the energy and manufacturing sectors and vast new opportunities being created by what is becoming a new technology revolution.

KPMG continues to evolve to meet the needs of our clients, helping them manage the uncertainties and turn new opportunities into powerful business models and growth strategies. We have made a wide range of investments and strategic decisions to strengthen our value proposition across the firm.

In particular we are investing in targeted services and solutions that respond to the disruptive market changes our clients care most about. We are also innovating technologies and tools directly aligned with the challenges and opportunities our clients face today, and will continue to face in the future.

One great example is our acquisition of Wise Window in the data and analytics space, which is providing new capabilities to meet client demands for interpreting data—a rapidly expanding market area built on innovation.

Using technology to better equip our own professionals is equally part of the equation, and is transforming how we serve clients, enabling greater social networking and mobility for our people, and opening up entirely new ways to share information and collaborate on solutions for our clients.

Anchored by a fundamental commitment to quality that is essential to everything we do, it is the passion of our people, the impact of our investments and our strategic focus that are creating momentum for our clients and for KPMG.

Leading insights – International Annual Review 2014

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