Responding to market trends 

Mark Goodburn, KPMG’s Global Head of Advisory, discusses what is impacting business as it strives for greater growth and how KPMG is responding.
Mark Goodburn

The executives I meet with have demanding and dynamic corporate agendas, and their focus is broadly in three areas – growing revenue, enhancing margins and managing risk. The relative importance of each varies by the client's sector and location, but each plays an integral part in shaping strategic direction. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the focus was largely on margins and risk, now five years on, it has moved dramatically to growth and increasing market share.

There are a number of global market trends that are playing an increasingly important role in shaping both near and longer-term initiatives. There are many ways to characterize the trends, but the ones we see having the greatest influence today are:

  • Globalization - challenging business to balance having a globally consistent brand, foundations and practices along with being locally adaptable, accessible and relevant
  • Digitalization - with cloud-based solutions, data explosion, and new technologies, traditional ways of operating are being replaced with new and evolving business models
  • Mobility - use of mobile devices, applications and technologies continues to accelerate, even dominate, enabling new ways to connect with customers, employees and many other stakeholders
  • Data - from customer trends to business metrics, data is inundating business at an increasing pace and external unstructured data is now playing an increasingly important role in driving and informing strategy
  • Analytics - leveraging all of this data and obtaining meaningful insights to make informed decisions is now more critical than ever.

Responding to global trends

KPMG professionals are helping clients navigate and benefit from these trends, utilizing a combination of knowledge and skills, global reach and perspectives, along with leading-edge tools and services.

More frequently professionals are also engaged by clients for strategic discussions and planning. KPMG possesses a set of resources which in most cases cannot be matched by other consulting organizations, and clients appreciate not only execution skills and technical depth, but our ability to challenge them – to ask the right questions and to have an opinion.

Clients are adapting to massive change – they are looking for an adviser who understands their industry, is passionate about their issues, and can help them look around the corner to take advantage of what is coming next. The investments we continue to make in our people, our tools and our capabilities enable insights to help clients succeed in these turbulent times.

Focus on growth

Leaders from three markets discuss how they are investing to better serve clients and to drive growth.

Investing for growth in the United States
Expanding capabilities in mexico
Meeting changing client demands in India

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