Investing in emerging, high-growth markets 

KPMG has long recognized the economic and demographic trends favoring emerging markets. With a combination of balanced geographic presence that helps provide strategic emphasis on these markets, and our increasing investment, we continue to build the resources and capabilities to support clients investing in the developing world.
Investing in emerging, high-growth markets

Local know-how; global resources

Investing in any new market can be challenging, and this is particularly the case with emerging economies. Clients are seeking advice on how to best capture opportunities, to understand the regulatory environment and requirements for compliance, and to gain insights on how they can optimize their investment and operations. KPMG is advocating relevant investment opportunities for mature market clients, ways for existing local players to expand their operations across the regions, and for new businesses to find their way in entering rapidly growing markets that will provide the greatest lift for their ventures.

Aligned with clients

We are aligning resources along global investment corridors to better meet cross border investment needs of clients. KPMG also continues to develop and expand communities of professionals across the world (known as 'global country practices') to assist with cross-border investments, with a particular focus on high-growth markets. The Global China Practice is now in 58 countries, assisting clients investing in China as well as Chinese clients expanding globally. KPMG global practices in Japan and South Korea also continue to expand along with these countries' multi-nationals, which are increasingly investing in emerging economies.

We are also looking ahead and investing in the frontier markets where, if clients aren't already exploring, they may want to be in the near future. From Myanmar to Mongolia and Iraq, KPMG has taken the lead in entering and building a knowledge base to pave the way and support clients expanding or making first forays into these burgeoning growth markets.

Focus on Africa

KPMG understands Africa – with offices in 33 African countries, offering a deep understanding of doing business on the continent.

Seven of the ten fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa. With half of the continent's one billion people under the age of 35, and with rapid urbanization, 500 million new consumers are expected within the next 15 years.

Global Africa practice

To connect clients globally with opportunity in Africa, the KPMG Global Africa Practice provides a network of professionals to assist with market entry and business structuring in fast-growing markets. Global companies that are interested in participating in Africa's growth surge can benefit from trusted advisers who are able to connect and collaborate seamlessly across Africa, and globally, and who understand the dynamics and local tax, fiscal, regulatory and legal frameworks of each country.

Leadership in Africa

Responding to the demand for seamless service across Africa from global and regional investors, KPMG in Africa formed a single client-centered leadership team to provide clients with a high level of collaboration and to better drive strategies and initiatives across our five main Africa territories: Angola, East Africa, Francophone Africa, Southern & Central Africa and West Africa.

Focus on Asia

Aung San Suu Kyi and Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew, Chairman, KPMG International joined Burmese democracy leader and Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi at the 2013 World Economic Forum on East Asia in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

As a key part of our strategy to help clients invest in high-growth, developing markets, KPMG recognizes the strategic and growing importance of Asia, and particularly the Association of Southest Asian Nations (ASEAN) markets. We are focused on countries such as Indonesia, a new powerhouse of growth, where KPMG is growing faster than the market growth rate. As we continue to expand our capacity and expertise in the region, another of the most exciting countries positioned to be a future growth engine is Myanmar, the second largest country in Southeast Asia.

First in Myanmar

In October of 2012, KPMG became the first of the Big 4 professional services organizations to re-establish a presence in Myanmar, when KPMG opened in Yangon. As a result, clients have a conduit into this high-potential market, with specialized skills in areas which are important to successful development in Myanmar, such as healthcare, energy and natural resources and financial services.

As the ASEAN region as a whole undergoes an exciting transformation, Myanmar is one of the countries at the center of opportunity in the region.

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Offices in 33 African countries

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