D&A: it’s in our DNA 

The launch of KPMG Capital* in November 2013 signaled an acceleration of KPMG's long-standing capability and investment in data and analytics (D&A) to meet growing client demand for insight, strategic advice and support with implementation to deliver stronger client relationships and improved financial performance.
D&A; it’s in our DNA

KPMG Capital is an investment fund that provides a focal point for the KPMG network’s investment in D&A capability. The fund will be used to support the development of, and investment in, D&A products, tools and services including those pursuant to strategic alliances and acquisitions.

We have established KPMG Capital to enhance the ability to meet rapidly changing client demand, particularly in client boardrooms, and to use D&A to drive smarter strategies and improved performance.


KPMG D&A professionals have already helped a major automotive manufacturer use the power of D&A to re-design their in-car entertainment systems based on real-time insight from their customers, establishing a platform for product development that is being applied to other aspects of car design. KPMG professionals also helped a state government use D&A insight to design the roll-out of a household energy smart-metering program. As a result, the government has been able to support more sustainable patterns of energy consumption while keeping energy affordable.


The approach is simple; KPMG professionals devise and apply innovative approaches to D&A that turn big data into strategic insights and opportunities that yield performance improvements and financial benefits to clients.

*KPMG Capital is an investment vehicle for KPMG member firms to invest in data and analytics tools and solutions. It is not open to third-party investment.

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