KPMG International Annual Review 2009 

There are encouraging signs that the global economy is stabilizing and beginning to recover. Now, it is time to look forward, taking the necessary steps to build the foundation for a sustainable economic recovery that will spur global growth.
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There has never been a more critical time for "Building Confidence" – for business, governments, and the capital markets system. The Review shows how KPMG member firms are helping clients take on a broad range of increasingly demanding business challenges, from responding to a changing regulatory environment to better managing risk.

A roundtable discussion with KPMG's global leaders of Audit, Tax, and Advisory addresses the new economic reality, while sections on financial services and the public sector demonstrate the particular strengths of KPMG's global network in working with clients across these segments that are experiencing dramatic change.

Global growth opportunities are highlighted with reports from the leaders of KPMG member firms in the dynamic markets of China, Brazil, India, Russia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Africa. The Review also shows how KPMG firms work, with a focus on industries and a strategy for helping ensure the best people serve our clients.

There is a particular emphasis in the Review on our commitment to quality, and maintaining a culture of the highest ethical standards. The KPMG network is committed to its role as a global citizen and the Review shows how our member firms are working in communities around the world.