Global Development Initiative 

"Putting our skills to work in pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals”
Global Development Initiative

KPMG’s Global Development Initiative (GDI) applies our skills to help achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Working alongside governments, civil society groups, international agencies and other private sector organizations, we strive to become involved in finding effective and sustainable solutions to global and local poverty issues.

Our commitment to the MDGs was first endorsed by our Global Board in 2007. In 2011, the Global Board committed to “Enrich the GDI as a global employee engagement program that underpins and embeds the KPMG brand attributes (Expert, Global Mindset, Forward Thinking, Value Adding and Passionate).”

We strongly believe that the greatest contribution of the GDI toward achieving the MDGs is realized through the efforts to help increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness of our NGO and UN partner organizations. By providing professional skills-based services to NGOs, we know we are indirectly helping all of the beneficiaries who receive support from those NGOs and UN partner organizations.

Our Global Development Initiative Story

GDI Story
Our Global Development Initiative Story (PDF 2.18 MB) reports on the ways KPMG member firms contribute to their communities around the world and unite, as global citizens, to empower change for people living in extreme poverty.

International Development Assistance Services (IDAS)

IDAS rollup
KPMG’s IDAS professionals work closely with emerging market stakeholders to create sustainable change and effective, accountable service delivery.