Environmental stewardship 

KPMG is committed to reducing impact on the environment, addressing local environmental challenges and working with clients to advance environmental sustainability.
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KPMG is investing in responsible energy use; educating and providing support to employees in making sustainable decisions; working on environmental protection projects; and joining forces with business leadership groups to address environmental impacts.

In 2008, KPMG International launched the Global Green Initiative, a three pronged approach to tackling the climate change challenge across the global network by:

  1. measuring, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  2. supporting environmental projects within a wider commitment to communities
  3. working with employees, suppliers and clients to help them manage their environmental impacts.

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

We have continued making good progress toward the goal of a 15 percent reduction in net emissions per full-time equivalent by the end of 2015 (measured from 2010), achieving an eight percent emissions reduction by that measurement in 2012 alone. This achievement follows on the  success of the first phase of our Global Green Initiative, which  realized a 29 percent reduction in net emissions per full-time equivalent between 2007 and 2010*.


We have also increased energy efficiency, reducing electricity usage by three percent total kilowatt hour (kWh) consumption per square meter in facilities worldwide since 2010, and increased reliance on renewable sources that now account for approximately 25 percent of global electricity consumption in 2012.  Our people continually work to better manage office energy consumption and business travel, and to implement creative solutions to reduce our impact on the environment.

*Environmental sustainability statistics cited above are based on aggregated results of a group of KPMG firms representing 85 percent of full-time equivalent KPMG people globally, which are used to estimate total emissions from all KPMG firms.

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Global Green Initiative has achieved reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across KPMG

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Climate Change and Sustainability Services

CC&S is a global network of professionals providing sustainability & climate change services, deliver value to our corporate & public sector clients.

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