Advancing cyber security with Shell 

Shell is a world-leading oil and gas company with 87,000 employees operating in more than 70 countries and territories. With any large global organization, protecting IT systems and data from cyber attacks can be a challenging task. KPMG has played an important part in a program for the past four years to strengthen Shell’s cyber security defenses, and continues to work with Shell to achieve an industry-leading position in IT Security.
Advancing cyber security

“To meet the scope of Shell’s cyber security ambitions we have engaged in wide-scale efforts with Shell’s IT function across their global IT ecosystem, engaging KPMG teams from Asia, the Americas and Europe,” said Michiel Soeting, Global Lead Partner for Shell. “It is more than a technology solution; KPMG professionals around the globe are also applying risk consulting and organization knowledge to help Shell with this program.”

Becoming a leader in cyber security cannot be an isolated effort in today’s world. So as part of the engagement with Shell, KPMG is hosting a cross-industry forum, inviting other leading companies to help shape a consensus view of what makes a successful cyber security transformation program.

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