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  • Date: 2/7/2014
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What’s next for healthcare: Meaningful data 

What’s next for healthcare - Dr. Richard Bakalar on: Meaningful data:

As a medical doctor, I often get the question, what’s the next big thing in healthcare? And what I find is that while we’ve been using electronic medical records for many years, in fact, we’re hitting a tipping point now in electronic records where almost 50% of all physicians in the United States are using electronic formats of data collection.

The challenge has been not collecting data. The challenge has been how do we re-use that data to get more meaningful and better outcomes?

One of the reasons I find it’s very important for the patients to be more empowered and more engaged is today we collect data from hospitals, we collect data from clinics but we don’t collect patient data. And so the ability to get that third leg of a stool, so to speak, where you can start collecting this more comprehensive analysis of patient care, I think is going to yield a lot of positive results.

Because recognizing that patients spend 90% of their life at home or at work or at play, not in the hospitals, not in the clinics, if we’re only collecting data from 10% of their life or less, or those who are healthy it may even be less than 10%, then we’re missing the opportunity to really understand how their health can be really improved and managed.

And so by using systems now that get a comprehensive view of the entire life cycle of the patient and their life in terms of health and in terms of sick care, we can get a much better perspective and get better outcomes and again more affordable outcomes.

Dr. Richard Bakalar, a Partner with KPMG in the US, talks about what’s next for healthcare: using healthcare data to gain a meaningful perspective on care and determine more affordable outcomes.

What’s next for healthcare

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