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  • Date: 2/7/2014
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What’s next for healthcare: The consumerization of healthcare 

What’s next for healthcare - Dr. Cynthia Ambres on: The consumerization of healthcare:

One major repositioning we’re seeing is that we’re going from paying for volume to paying for value. And what I mean by value is it’s not just about the cost, it’s also about the outcomes. So is it really better for a patient?

Recently one of the speakers that we had in one of our conferences talked about something that I found extremely interesting. He talked about a young Asian woman who had come in and she had to have a knee replacement, and they were very concerned. The operation went extremely well, and then postoperatively, she came in and she said she wanted to have the knee replacement taken out. And they doctor said that’s not quite possible, I can’t put back what you had. And he couldn’t understand, what would be motivating her to really say that?

And ultimately what they found out was that her life was very much centered around daily prayer and faithfulness, and she did that by kneeling. And she was unable to kneel with the prosthesis.

So the change for her, even though it seems like she could walk, and even run, better, and that should be all you need from the provider perspective, was in fact not all that that person needed.

And so I think the idea of consumerism, what the patient wants, and putting the patient at the center of care, is the big change that we’re seeing. And so everyone is starting to focus where we always should have been focused, which is what are the patient’s needs?

It used to be more about the perspective of what the provider needed. So we were saying – and as a physician I can say this that, it was about my schedule, and what I had to do, and what I think is best for the patient.

And now there’s a complete turnaround in this which I think is very important for us worldwide. To see that this is who is important to us. So it’s the consumerization, if you will, of healthcare.

Dr. Cynthia Ambres, a Partner with KPMG in the US, talks about what’s next for healthcare: the shift towards consumerization and more patient-focused care.

What’s next for healthcare

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