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  • Date: 7/22/2014


iWantGreatCare is a leader I collecting information from patients about the quality of care they receive from their doctor or other healthcare professional in the UK.

Since its launch in 2008, it has grown to be the largest online repository of patient experience feedback in the UK. More than 80,000 reviews a month are being added to the 800,000 already stored on the website.

A scoring system, using objective criteria derived from the patient satisfaction evidence base, allows iWantGreatCare users to rate and compare care experiences in areas such as ‘trust’ and ‘listening ability’, as well as to indicate how highly they recommend their doctor.

The number and nature of providers covered by iWantGreatCare has grown steadily since launch. In 2010 the service was extended to cover dental patients and the following year national pharmacy chain Lloyds announced that it would enable its customers to give real-time feedback on their in-branch experience. Other partnerships have included a customer experience pilot with international renal care provider Diaverum and a unique service for the Terence Higgins Trust to help HIV patients identify sympathetic healthcare professionals.

Following the UK Government’s announcement of the NHS Friends and Family Test in April 2013, iWantGreatCare offered to provide the infrastructure for NHS Trusts to capture the patient experience data prescribed by the new legislation. The system will also be used to allow patients to rate the care they receive from their GP when the Friends and Family Test is rolled out to cover primary care in December 2014.

Are there measurement systems to support this?

Practices need to measure the patient experience. This has greater impact and creates greater value if collected in real time.

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'What Works' outlines how to improve care through better patient involvement and communities (PDF 2.28 MB).

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