Customer Strategy and Proposition 

Insurance products are often seen as commoditized and a 'grudge' purchase. Insurers have an opportunity to change this by developing propositions that incorporate customers’ wider experience. Are your propositions based on customer needs and do your customers reward you through greater loyalty, referrals and retention?
Customer Strategy

Many insurers are considering how they can reinvent themselves to be more relevant to their customers and society as a whole. Insight to customer needs can drive propositions based on key ‘moments of truth’ that yield the most influence on customer decision-making. The customer journey and experience plays a significant role in differentiating homogeneous insurance products and should be at the heart of the client processes.

An effective customer strategy and proposition can provide:

  • Increased value from proposition and product alignment for each segment.
  • A better allocation of sales resources focussed on higher value opportunities.
  • Customer directed, predictive and interactive product development and innovation process.
  • A more integrated multi-channel strategy aimed to deliver a consistent customer experience.
  • Right propositions and products for the right customers through the right channels.

KPMG’s approach focuses on helping insurers with:

  • Customer strategy development
  • Proposition and product development
  • Customer experience management
  • Consumer protection

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