• Industry: Technology, Media, Telecommunications
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 9/4/2012

Who’s leading the charge for innovation progress? 

Leading the charge

Despite the charisma of leaders such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jack Ma, a majority believe that the innovation buck does not stop with the CEO.

Less than 3 in 10 respondents feel the CEO should have prime responsibility for spearheading their company’s innovations, although technology startups are more likely to rely on their leaders for inspiration.

The Chief Innovation Officer has a particularly important innovation role within Chinese tech businesses, with more than half (51 percent) of respondents from the People’s Republic stating that this individual pioneers the pipeline of new products and services.

Thirty-eight percent report that innovation is most often spotted and nurtured within Research & Development. Respondents from Israel and China are more likely to hold such a view, as are those from large and mid-market enterprises.

Recognizing the need to nurture innovation from around the organization, tech executives feel that financial incentives (bonus, salary increase) are the single best way to motivate employees to be more innovative.


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