• Industry: Technology, Media, Telecommunications
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 9/4/2012

Israel’s tech nation 

Israel stands out as a tech hothouse and R&D power, and benefits from a military/industrial backbone to support its high-tech status.

Israel excels in scientific and technological pursuits, boasts 200 local R&D centers, and hosts R&D bases for many global tech companies including Microsoft and IBM, attracted by government incentives including low corporate tax rates, grants and R&D funding.

Advanced software parks have sprung up in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, while Israel’s vibrant venture capital market is one of the largest in the world; attracting 2011 investment of over USD2 billion in 2011.

Israel is an incubator for startups and numerous Israeli tech companies have gone on to Wall Street listings. In 2011, VC-funded Israel companies drew $5.1 billion in acquisitions.

In recent years, investments in Israeli technology companies have shifted from communication and semiconductor segments to new media, internet and mobile platform applications.

“The combination of a highly educated workforce, technology transfer from leading academic institutions, government incentives and cultivation of entrepreneurship spirit is expected to continue to fuel Israel’s innovation.”

- Ofer Sela, Partner, Technology Group, KPMG in Israel


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