• Industry: Technology, Media, Telecommunications
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 9/4/2012

Challenges on the road to cloud and mobile adoption 

Challenges on the road

Asked what roadblocks limit the uptake of new consumer technologies, 45 percent of the respondents named cost and pricing, out-distancing seven other factors. Coming in close at second place were privacy and transparency concerns, selected by 40 percent. With consumers sharing more and more data online and via their mobile devices, concerns over security and privacy are a given – though it is unlikely these worries outweigh the advantages of being always connected and accessing a new array of services and products.

Ease of use was named by less than one-third (31 percent) as a limitation, highlighting industry progress in cracking this challenge.

A wide range of pluses were named such as convenience, better communications, increased productivity, greater savings on purchases, and most of all, easier access to real-time personalized information. Enhanced ability to maintain control over that all-important digital persona also mattered. Highlighted too were improved entertainment and healthcare options as the mobile and cloud converge to make seamless communications, shopping and sharing.

A scorecard to switching on and off tomorrow’s enterprise technologies

Enterprise Market - Security/privacy are top of mind challenges in cloud and mobile adoption

Opinions were mixed on the question of which barriers limit tech progress in the business world, though security and privacy issues were named most frequently (40 percent). Those in large enterprises compared to those polled in smaller companies showed a stronger inclination to rank security as a priority issue.

A number of other factors got about equal weight: cost was named by 35 percent while technology complexity was cited by 34 percent. There was not much difference by region or country. Lack of adequate corporate funding, technology complexity and regulatory compliance also were commonly named as innovation barriers for enterprises. On the positive side, access to engineering talent and figuring out monetization models did not stand out as high hurdles.

“Security and privacy issues will continue to cause lots of headaches for consumers and businesses but not enough to undermine the benefits of adopting new technologies. Transparency from the technology vendors, as cloud and mobile business models evolve, is the key to keeping customer trust and loyalty in the consumer and enterprise markets.”

- Tom Lamoureux, Global and US Advisory Sector Leader, Technology

Challenges on the road


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