KPMG’s 2013 EMA Tax Summit 

Whether you are a policy maker, business leader, politician, journalist, tax authority or just a regular citizen, the issue of tax is probably high on your agenda. And the debates happening around the world are not going to go away. There is a new normal for tax

At KPMG's 2013 EMA Tax Summit we ask the hard questions, share our points of view and welcome you to the conversations:

  • How does this New Normal affect tax policy makers and those managing tax strategies for international businesses?
  • How can we mitigate risk in a world with so many unwritten rules?
  • How is value to be created?
  • How should corporations engage and communicate with their stakeholders, given that this new era is here to stay?

The New Normal: Strategies for Success in a Different Tax World

At KPMG’s 2013 EMA Tax Summit we asked the hard questions, shared our points of view and welcome the conversation.

Views on video

KPMG’s Tax leaders address the questions that matter and put their views on video.

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