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  • Date: 10/15/2012
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Overview on the role of tax within an organization in the new business reality 

Ryan Smith, Vice President – Global Taxes, VF Corporation:

I’m Ryan Smith, Vice President of Global Taxes for VF Corporation.

Our company is completely an effective tax return company, so the financial statement benefits are really what drive our behaviors. One thing that is different about our company is that we are evaluated, again, senior management down to staff level, on an after-tax basis, which is great, because motivation is there for helping us secure and execute on big, large scale tax transactions.

My department is very young, very aggressive, and very business focused. Technical tax people are great, and we certainly need those, but we tend to leverage heavily off of firms like KPMG to help us in very complex technical transactions. The fact that I spend a lot of time with our executive team making sure that I understand the strategic direction, again, in advance and ahead of them taking actions so that we’re not being reactive, so that we can definitely kind of influence the decisions and directions before they actually begin down the road of implementation.

I love understanding and seeking out new opportunities, new ideas, new concepts. I spend a lot of time at conferences like this, speaking, interacting with the top professionals. People can really bring us new, innovative ideas. It’s reaching outside and connecting with the business, connecting with external firms, making sure we’re on top of everything, because the breadth that we can kind of get at with interacting with those types of people just expands the horizons and the opportunities that we’re going to come across, so we’re just more comfortable that we’re going to get the latest and greatest ideas and concepts and transactions to save us the most amount of money.

Ryan K. Smith, Vice President – Global Taxes, VF Corporation discusses the role of the tax department within an organization in the new business reality.

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