• Industry: Healthcare
  • Type: Survey report, Video
  • Date: 4/16/2013
  • Length: 01:30 Minutes

Change in the emerging markets in healthcare 

Teach Learn video - Nigel Edwards, KPMG in the UK:

I’m Nigel Edwards. I’m an expert in the Global Center of Excellence with KPMG. I’ve been blown away by the scale of the change in some of the emerging markets and the fact that they are leap-frogging very quickly some of the experience that we’ve got in the West, and getting ahead of us. So we think we’ve got an opportunity in these markets. We’re going to be much cleverer than just taking what we currently do to them. We need to change our systems, not just our organizations. There’s been a big emphasis on the development of integrated care, networks, sometimes international, of developing new models of care delivery which are much, much more efficient, and really change the way that care is delivered. Part of that has been a big emphasis on value on appropriateness. So not just doing things more efficiently, but to make sure that we do the right things, and to do the things that patients need rather than what we actually want to provide for them. New relationships with patients, focusing on what adds value to them and treating them as active participants in their care; new relationship with physicians. There will have to be new relationships between organizations as they learn to work together as integrated care delivery systems or as part of networks. While we might think that we’ve got models that we can take and share with China or India and other parts of the world, you may find that when you get there, they’re already doing it and doing it better. So they certainly have something to teach us, and we need to be very careful about what we think we have to teach them.
Nigel Edwards, KPMG in the UK

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