Compelling insights into an evolving sector as well as some pointers to the future shape of global shale markets.

Rising to the Challenges of the Unconventional Discontinuity

An industry discontinuity has been unleashed through the combination of horizontal drilling with advances in well fracturing and completion techniques.

Economic study on conventional resources, shale oil & shale gas in Argentina: Current situation and prospects

Argentina, among the countries with the largest reserves of shale oil and shale gas, is facing a key opportunity.

Reaction Magazine: the miracle of shale

In this issue, we look at the future of the US chemical industry and particularly the impact of shale gas which has reinvigorated the country’s commodity chemical sector.

No paper chase: Transforming risk management at energy and natural resources companies

The energy industry has fared well in the past few years thanks to strong prices and expanding production, but the past is no guide to a future challenged by threats and opportunities at every turn.

Changing the geopolitics of oil: Growing trade interdependence between the Gulf and Asia

Oil trade and investment between the Gulf and Asia are becoming mutually strategic; report focuses on pressing economic and other challenges the region faces.

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