ASPAC – KPMG In the News 

This collection of news stories captures insight and contributions by KPMG subject matter experts. The industry coverage mentions include KPMG senior partners in global chemicals, energy and mining sectors.

Connecting the Utility Information Dots (PDF 1.34 MB)

Nuclear still in the local mix, but 21 years away (PDF 1.54 MB)

The post Fukushima world (PDF 1.90 MB)

Commodity Traders Exploit Crude Crash to Make Oil Storage King

Oil traders eye floating storage options

Interview: 5Qs with Mina Sekiguchi, Head of ENR, KPMG in Asia Pacific (PDF 373 KB)

Powering the Future: Opportunities and challenges for IPPs (PDF 101 KB)

China’s Quest for Sustainable Growth

China, ‘Asia 1.2 wave’ will be engines of growth: KPMG analysts (PDF 23 KB)

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