Country Mining Guides 

This series of country guides provides an overview of the mining industry from a geographical, economic and legislative context. These country guides are invaluable for those already operating or considering an investment in the country.
Mining Country Guides

Our key mining guides include: Botswana, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Ghana, Guinea, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Peru, Zambia.

To learn more about our commodity insights or to learn how KPMG can support your business, please contact our Global Mining Country Leaders.

Botswana mining guide

Brazil mining guide

Cameroon mining guide

Canada mining guide

Chile mining guide

Democratic Republic of Congo mining guide

Ghana mining guide

Guinea mining guide

Investment in Myanmar

Mexico mining guide (PDF 2.76 MB)

Mozambique mining guide

Namibia mining guide

Peru mining guide (PDF 2.33 MB)

Zambia mining guide

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