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INSIGHT is a semi-annual magazine that provides a broad scope of local, regional and global perspectives on many of the key issues facing today's global infrastructure industry. In our most recent edition of Insight, we look at infrastructure resilience. We explore some of the world’s most impactful stories of resilience and talk to civic and infrastructure leaders around the world to help uncover and share emerging resilience lessons and approaches.

Putting resilience on the development agenda

Resilience on development agenda
An interview with Professor Stefan Dercon, Chief Economist of the UK Department for International Development.

Using recovery to enhance resilience

Using recovery to enhance resilience
After the earthquake, the central and local Sichuan government decided to not just rebuild Sichuan, but to focus on creating stronger.

Mobilizing the reconstruction effort: Queensland, Australia innovates to catalyze disaster recovery

Mobilizing the reconstruction
When the floodwaters finally receded across Queensland, Australia, the magnitude of the reconstruction effort started to become clear.

Attracting foreign investment to developing markets

Attracting foreign investment
As competition for foreign investment picks up among emerging markets, Brazil is an attractive growth market for infrastructure investment.

Brazil takes center stage

Brazil takes center stage
Readying Brazil for next year’s FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Summer Games is a tall task.

Protecting public health: The nexus between infrastructure and the health of our communities

Protecting public health
In today’s society, much of our infrastructure is – once you boil it down – intended to improve the health and quality of life of its users.

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INSIGHT: Resilience

INSIGHT: Resilience
This edition of Insight explores some of the world’s most impactful stories of resilience. It also includes an exciting Spotlight Special Report on the important changes and opportunities within Latin America’s infrastructure market.

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