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INSIGHT is a semi-annual magazine that provides a broad scope of local, regional and global perspectives on many of the key issues facing today's global infrastructure industry. In this edition, we take a closer look at the unprecedented population changes we are seeing and explore the challenges cities, government and developers face as urban areas densify and resources become strained. Key industry players share their views and perspectives on how these game-changing factors are influencing the way infrastructure is planned, prioritized, funded, operated and maintained.

The sophistication of Asia Pacific: On the cusp of a golden age

The sophistication of Asia Pacific
Our Special Report on APAC shows how countries right across the region have become increasingly sophisticated in their approach to infrastructure.

Managing growth in developing world cities

Managing growth
By 2030, more than eight in 10 of the world’s urban dwellers will be living in the developing world - are developing world cities ready?

Talking transport: How leading cities are responding to shifting populations

Talking transport
We compiled a roundtable of international experts to find out how transportation is being harnessed to manage shifting populations.

Beyond Malthus: Sustaining population growth

Beyond Malthus
Over two centuries have passed since Thomas Robert Malthus published his infamous Principle of Population and his work continues to generate debate.

Planning cities as if people really mattered

Planning cities
Accommodating populations in urban setting is all about creating a society that recognizes the link between health, equity and the built environment.

Integrating India’s infrastructure: The Adani Group shares the secret of success

Integrating Indias infrastructure
Having started operations with just one berth in the North-West of India in 1998, the port of Mundra, is now India’s largest and most integrated port.

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INSIGHT: Population

INSIGHT: Population
This explores some of the biggest challenges related to population. It also features Report on APAC, a region at the center of the demographic shift.

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