About the Infrastructure 100 

KPMG is pleased to announce the much-anticipated second edition of the Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition – a high-profile report showcasing 100 of the most innovative and inspiring urban infrastructure projects from around the world.


Judges were asked to discuss and debate each project nomination based on the following criteria:


  • Scale: How does the scale of the project relate to similar developments in its class? Have there been similar projects in the past? If so, what makes this one different? Why is it unique?
  • Feasibility: Is the project’s business plan feasible and sustainable in the current market? Is it able to attract the necessary funding to see it developed? What challenges need to be overcome for the project to be built (if applicable)?
  • Technical or financial complexity: Are there multiple sponsors and/or political jurisdictions that require complex negotiations? How challenging is it to get stakeholder support for the project?
  • Innovation: What is exceptional about the technical solutions required? Is the project employing a new technology? Is there a particular engineering challenge that it overcomes? Does it establish an innovative legal or financial precedent?
  • Impact on society: Why is the project relevant this year and how will it impact on society? Will it immediately transform and improve quality of life? Does it promote economic growth?

What qualifies an eligible project?

  • Nominations were NOT limited to closed deals or completed projects – we are just as interested in showcasing brilliant ideas/project concepts with the potential to change the nature of urban environments, as we are of projects in procurement, closed deals or projects that are under construction/operation.
  • Projects that are not PPPs were also eligible for the Infrastructure 100.

Selecting the 100 Projects

To select the projects showcased in the Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition, we reached beyond our networks to draw in hundreds of exceptional nominations from people who share a passion for urban infrastructure.


With careful consideration, an independent panel of judges endured the tough task of debating and weighing the merits of projects that in many ways cannot be compared like for like. The shortlist included small, but significant, projects up against widely-publicized megaprojects.


The selected projects were then sorted into 10 project categories, including:


Ultimately, the projects selected for the Infrastructure100: World Cities Edition are innovative and inspiring examples of infrastructure projects that make great cities – places where people want to live and do business.

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