Great Payments Transformation

The Great Payments Transformation 

While many in the financial services industry may have historically viewed payments as being somewhat boring, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, given the rapid pace of change, innovation and growth now underway in the sector, it seems increasingly clear that payments is actually one of the most exciting – and potentially valuable – parts of our current financial system.

Amidst all of this disruptive change, one development in particular – while somewhat slower to play out – will change the very dynamics of the sector: the shift East. The facts are undeniable: in 2010 alone, Asia’s share of global payment transaction volumes on general purchasing cards increased from 26 percent to 31 percent. By 2015, Asia’s purchasing volume is expected to be double that of the United States’.


With this in mind, KPMG China brought together some of the industry’s top payments professionals and recognized banking leaders to share their insight into how the payments sector is transforming and influencing the future direction of payments globally and regionally. Through a series of practical and comprehensive articles, these thought leaders have picked apart some of the great complexities in the market and provided practical and actionable advice for payments players, both foreign and domestic. Below are the articles along with a summary report which features commentary and advice following our participation at Sibos, the global payments conference.

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Summary Report

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Technology carries weight of regulation
Taxing transaction
reduce fraud
Internationalization of the Renminbi
acquiring china's payments ecosystem
Building future
Turning big data into big value
Overcoming legacy
Turning innovation into revenue
A tectonic shift

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