• Service: Tax
  • Date: 1/16/2014

Tax Dispute & Controversy Update: Horizontal Monitoring Webcast 

16 January 2014 | 8:00am U.S. EDT and 1:00pm U.S. EDT

As revenue authorities become more aggressive and global enforcement reaches an all time high, the revenue authorities are simultaneously reaching out to taxpayers to engage in discussions and develop better working relationships. With different names in different jurisdiction, “horizontal monitoring”, the enhanced relationship, or the Compliance Assurance Process ( CAP), all are focused on developing a better process for dealing with tax audits of corporate taxpayers and helping the revenue authorities to develop a more efficient and cost effective process.

Please join us for a presentation on the current state of these processes around the world as we discuss how these programs work and how they impact the overall tax audit process. KPMG’s Disputes professionals from the UK, the US, Canada, and the Netherlands will discuss the established processes in their countries, and we will hear of the emerging enhanced relationship processes currently being piloted in France and Russia.


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Sharon Katz Pearlman

Sharon Katz Pearlman

Head of Dispute Resolution & Controversy

+1 212 872 6084

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