Entering a new era for revenue assurance 

Rapid and far-reaching changes in the telecommunications landscape are increasing the likelihood of revenue leakage. KPMG’s latest Global Revenue Assurance Survey confirms that the industry is becoming far more complex, driven by convergence and the rise in m-commerce, along with a huge array of new value-added services and tariff plans.

"The speed of change in the sector is breathtaking and putting an incredible amount of pressure on our Revenue Assurance people. We have to adapt quickly and decisively or else risk even greater leakage."

- Gabriela Sobral Gil, Revenue Assurance Head, Telefónica Latinoamérica

As they strive to identify and reduce leakage and fraud, Revenue Assurance functions are looking to become more influential at the highest levels and sharpen up their operations through greater efficiency and automation.

But how are they going about this task? In our 2012 survey, we spoke to executives from 137 telecommunications companies around the world, giving a compelling insight into the latest trends and practices.

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Battle against revenur leakage continues
Revenue Assurance’s role in the organization is evolving slowly
Telecommunications provider are sharpening up their operations

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