• Industry: Industrial Manufacturing
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 9/20/2011

Growth ahead, but risks loom 

In this year’s Global Manufacturing Outlook survey, growth emerged as a predominant theme along with a continuing focus on cost, risk management and global supply chain resilience. One in four manufacturing executives polled by the Economist Intelligence Unit in June 2011 described themselves as “very optimistic” about their organization’s prospects for the coming one to two years, while a further 53 percent are “optimistic.”

But compared with findings highlighted in the 2010 Global Manufacturing Outlook, a degree of caution has crept in, primarily triggered by the European and US debt crises that have dominated the headlines in mid-2011. Overall, confidence is slightly down on a year ago.

How optimistic are you about your business
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Striving for growth

Despite all these challenges, many manufacturers are clearly shifting from a dual focus on cost containment and top-line growth to a more singular emphasis on growth. This is not to say that cost containment will be forgotten. Nevertheless, it signals a shift in aspiration, after years of fire-fighting.

Which of the following aspects of your
business will you prioritize most?

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But if growth is back at the top of the agenda, where will firms look for it and what strategies will they implement to realize it? And how are supply chains being restructured to support this growth? The rest of this report will address these questions.


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