Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014 Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014 Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014


Looking for profitability

Growth tops the agenda for manufacturers across all sectors and geographies; however few are able to determine the profitability of existing product lines.

Collaborate to innovate

Manufacturers are rethinking their product development strategy and are increasingly focused on enhanced spending.

Integrating the supply chain

Ask a manufacturer to identify their biggest supply chain challenge and you'll more than likely hear the word visibility.

Explore your country and industry findings

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5 key takeaways for manufacturers

Practical insights for manufacturing companies.

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About the survey – The Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014 is based on a survey of 460 senior executives conducted by Forbes on behalf of KPMG International completed in early 2014. Respondents represented six industries: Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Conglomerates, Consumer Products, Engineering and Industrial Products, and Metals. Fifty percent of respondents held C-level positions and a third represented organizations with more than US$5 billion in annual revenue. Respondents were distributed fairly evenly between the Americas, Europe and Asia.