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  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 2/19/2013

Introduction to Africa 

Introduction to Africa
The debt sales market in Africa is – as always – a complex story to tell. In Nigeria and South Africa (the two countries examined) the debt sales market has been rather positive. Results shows investors increasingly looking at these two markets as a secure spring-board upon which to enter the continent. As for the rest of Africa, there are signs that maturity may soon be coming to their markets. South African banks (and to some extent Nigerian ones) are rapidly expanding into the continent are bringing a more sophisticated approach to debt origination, collections and sales.
Nigeria - Global debt sales

Nigeria (PDF 2.41 MB)

As the Nigerian government continues to implement policy measures aimed at stabilizing the banking sector and positioning it for growth, the sector is now showing signs of recovery in terms of solvency, liquidity and asset quality.

South Africa - Global debt sales

South Africa (PDF 2.31 MB)

As the global economic downturn wreaked havoc around the world, South Africa’s banking institutions remained resilient, thanks largely to its robust and well-regulated financial sector.


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