• Industry: Government & Public Sector
  • Date: 11/5/2013

Global megatrend #8: Resource stress 

How will government ensure that we have sufficient water for our future needs as demand exceeds supply?

What is government doing to guarantee that my children have sufficient food, water and energy?

The combined pressures of population growth, economic growth and climate change will place increased stress on essential natural resources (including water, food, arable land and energy). These issues will place sustainable resource management at the center of government agendas.

By 2030, significant changes in global production and consumption, along with the cumulative effects of climate change, are expected to create further stress on already limited global resources. Stress on the supply of these resources directly impacts the ability of governments to deliver on their core policy pillars of economic prosperity, security, social cohesion and environmental sustainability.

Case study: The Guarani Aquifer

The impact of resource stress in a case study as part of KPMG’s Future State 2030 series.

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