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  • Date: 8/7/2014

The Institute for Family Business’ Next Generation Conference 

The institute for family business
KPMG’s Family Business practice is proud to be working with the Institute for Family Business (IFB) in facilitating this year’s Next Generation Conference, to be held at the prestigious ME London hotel in The Strand, London.

The theme for the conference is Tomorrow’s Leaders, and will focus on what business and the world could look like in 2035, as well as further examine what future world events could mean for each family business owner.

The conference is open to IFB Members, non-members, and anyone aged 18-39 from a family which currently owns their own business. We encourage anyone involved in a family business to urge their next generation to attend this conference, which will cover the differing skills that will be needed by business owners in the coming years.

We believe that this conference is not only useful for the next generation, but for anyone involved in the running of a family business in this day and age, as well as moving forward. Speakers will investigate how the changing world, with new advances in technology and business, will affect the family business model, as well as give insight into best practices moving forward.

The conference will start on Thursday 25th September with a pre-conference dinner, where delegates can settle in and network in a more casual setting, before taking part in the conference itself the next day. Along with exploring the topic of Tomorrow’s Leaders, the conference is also the perfect chance for guests to network with each other, as we have integrated key networking opportunities into the conference’s program.

To learn more about the conference, to view the event program, learn more about the respective speakers, as well as to purchase tickets for your business, please go to the IFB conference website.

Christophe Bernard

Christophe Bernard
I am a KPMG partner based in the French firm’s Paris office, responsible for encouraging the growth of our firms’ middle markets practice across Europe, Middle East and Africa, a majority of that market comprises of family businesses.

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