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  • Date: 10/24/2012

The 2012 Barometer of Social Entrepreneurship 

The 2012 Barometer
Editorial by Jean-Michel Severino, Chairman of Convergences 2015:

“Due to the scale of the economic, social and environmental challenges facing both developing and developed countries at the present time, initiatives to develop different economic activities to benefit both individuals and society as a whole are growing in number. This“alternative economy” is giving rise to growing interest from international decision-makers, local players and general public.

Social entrepreneurship thus made its entrance at the World Economic Forum in Davos over 10 years ago, leading the main economic and political leaders of the planet to share ideas with internationally recognised social entrepreneurs.

Gradually, different economic models and innovative solutions have been brought to the attention of the traditional players in the economy. The great potential of social entrepreneurship in the areas of growth, the fight against poverty and sustainable development has become more and more recognised.”

12 pillars for growth and social progress

“In 2011, the European Union established social entrepreneurship as one of the 12 pillars of its policy for growth and social progress. In France, the new appointment of a Minister for Social and Cooperative Economy has been hailed by actors in the sector as another strong sign of recognition of both the social and economic role of social entrepreneurship.

In this optimistic context there is still a major challenge to overcome: changing the scale of social entrepreneurship which would allow it to generate increasing economic, social and environmental benefits in both developed and developing countries.

How do we encourage the increase of social enterprises and how do we facilitate their growth? These questions are at the heart of the second edition of the Barometer of Social Entrepreneurship in France and worldwide, published by Convergences 2015 in partnership with Ashoka and KPMG.

Throughout this publication, Convergences 2015 seeks to highlight social entrepreneurship and underline its capacity to invent and perpetuate innovative solutions to the problems of our times.”

Social entrepreneurs and global social entrepreneurship

“The 2012 Barometer of Social Entrepreneurship offers portraits of passionate social entrepreneurs and also introduces the broad trends of global social entrepreneurship. It examines the key issues of the sector, through analytical articles and the previously unpublished first figures of the dynamic of social entrepreneurship in the world.

Lastly, we present, for the second year running, the results of an exclusive OpinionWay poll on the perception of social entrepreneurship in France.

From now on, you can discover the successes and key issues of social entrepreneurship in France and worldwide, and continue to support the development of a more inclusive and responsible economy by following the Convergences 2015 news throughout the year on the website (”

I will be sharing insights from the 2012 Barometer of Social Entrepreneurship over the coming weeks. Join me in discussing trends, solutions, and issues affecting social entrepreneurship in France, and the world.




Christophe Bernard

Christophe Bernard
I am a KPMG partner based in the French firm’s Paris office, responsible for encouraging the growth of our firms’ middle markets practice across Europe, Middle East and Africa, a majority of that market comprises of family businesses.

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