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  • Date: 11/25/2013
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The launch of KPMG’s Family Business Think Tank [video] 

Think tank
KPMG’s Global Family Business Centre of Excellence is excited to announce the launch of the KPMG Family Business Think Tank. Watch the video below, featuring Family Business leaders and KPMG partners sharing their thoughts on what family businesses contribute to their local economies and what makes family businesses unique.

Contributors include:

  • Roger Pedder, Former Chairman at Clarks Shoes, and President of European Family Businesses (UK)
  • Thierry Mulliez, President of the Mulliez Family Association (France)
  • Stephan Werhahn, Shareholder of Werhahn KG (Germany)
  • Jesus Casado, the Secretary General of European Family Businesses
  • Jacky Lintignat, CEO of KPMG France
  • Beverly Johnson, KPMG partner and Head of Family Business Canada
  • Christine Blondel, Adjunct Professor from INSEAD, and Senior Advisor to KPMG on Family Business Intelligence
  • Bill Noye, KPMG partner and Head of Family Business Australia
  • Gary Deans, KPMG partner and Head of Family Business UK.

More insights from both these family businesses and KPMG Professionals will be shared in the coming months. Learn more about KPMG’s Family Business Think Tank and the insights of leaders in Family Business – watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments below…

Global Family Business Think Tank

Christophe Bernard

Christophe Bernard
I am a KPMG partner based in the French firm’s Paris office, responsible for encouraging the growth of our firms’ middle markets practice across Europe, Middle East and Africa, a majority of that market comprises of family businesses.

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