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We hope that by sharing our experiences and other peoples’ stories, we can help family businesses prosper, and reach their full potential. It’s no secret that family owned and managed businesses are vital to every nation’s economy.
And so we hope you’ll join KPMG’s Family Business community of business owners and entrepreneurs, and our discussion of the issues that are relevant to you – our expertise is at your disposal.
Stewardship: old concept, modern need
Christine Blondel
Reducing Transfer Duty
Roger Pedder
Family Governance and Succession in Sri Lanka
Succession Planning by Christine Blondel
Planning Succession in Advance
Family Business Think Succession
Manage Half-Siblings
Miroslaw Grabarek
Family business succession
KPMG supports Family Business in Australia
Anticipating the Transfer
Keeping up with Family Traditions
What can we learn

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KPMG Family Business

Family business
We know that being a part of a family business can often be a lonely place, with unique challenges, and we at KPMG wanted to create a way to share experiences and start a conversation around family business.

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Leading French family business

Global family business
Family business governance

How Australian Family Businesses are leading the way
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A key driver of Asian economies
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