No paper chase: Transforming risk management at energy and natural resources companies 

Energy and natural resources (ENR) companies are challenged by an ever-growing array of threats and opportunities that grow more complex every day. Challenges include: entering more and more remote regions in the world to search for natural resources, often in fragile countries, where the state is weak and the environment is under threat; labor relations may be fraught with tension in some parts of the world; ever-changing regulatory and compliance pressures; financial and production risks; and public opinion is often hostile to ENR companies. Technology, however, is creating immense opportunities to develop oil and gas fields, in previously unconquerable areas.

This worldwide survey* of senior executives in the industry found that the management of these risks was not advancing as fast as the threats faced, and ENR companies were falling short in a number of important areas.


To learn more about the survey findings, please click on one of the sections below or download the full report (PDF 1.11MB).



Transforming risk management at energy and natural resources companies Measuring ROIConclusionTying risk to compensationSkills neededThe role of the BoardThe view across the enterpriseOperating with risks in mindIntegration and comprehensivenessIntroduction

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