Change Readiness Index tool 

KPMG International and ODI have undertaken wide-spread consultation with key stakeholders, from academics to industry leaders, to develop a framework for the Change Readiness Index. On behalf of KPMG International and ODI, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) surveyed a range of country experts around the world to identify and capture previously unmeasured aspects of change management capability. These new indicators along with existing input indicators in the marketplace (e.g. the World Bank's Doing Business Index (DBI)) inform the results of this new Index.

The indicators are categorized into three broad groups (also known as the sub-indices):

  1. Economic capabilities – relating to economic policies and frameworks
  2. Governance capabilities – relating to the capacity of government and the institutional arrangements that have been established
  3. Social capabilities – relating to the characteristics of a society, such as literacy, social support networks and civil society

ODI Private Sector and Markets Programme

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