• Industry: Financial Services, Capital Markets, Banking
  • Type: Regulatory update, White paper
  • Date: 5/28/2013

Investors and end-users 

Investors and end-users
Investors in financial institutions and the end-users of financial services also need to play their part in addressing the balance between regulation and economic growth.

They need to be more realistic about what both financial institutions and regulation can achieve. Investors need to recognise that the risk/reward landscape has changed and that return on equity expectations need to be adjusted accordingly. They also need to understand better the business models and risks of financial institutions, and put pressure on financial institutions to change these where necessary, in particular in a world where failures are more likely to result in the bailing-in of creditors than a bailing-out by taxpayers. End-users of financial services need to remain alert to the impact of regulation on the cost and availability of products and services, and to enter regulatory debates with evidence on the implications of regulation for end-users.


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