• Industry: Healthcare
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 5/21/2013


An overview of long term systems for the elderly and future direction.

Current long term care system for elderly

Taiwan National Health Insurance (NHI) provides healthcare to elderly people. The NHI has subsidized disease screening and preventive care and ensures that elderly people have access to health care and a social safety net.

Program and nature of coverage

At present, LTC is administered by ministries – Veterans Affairs Commission, Council of Agriculture, Ministry of Interior and Bureau of Nursing& Healthcare by long-term management centers (LTCMC). The system covers daily care services, home nursing, home and community rehabilitation, respite care and institutional services.

Nature of benefit coverage

The insurance benefits are mainly on the health care services provided by public institutions and civic groups, accompanied with subsidies. Different amount of payments will be delivered according to different levels of disability.

Source of funding

It is largely funded by a central insurance fund governed by the Long Term Care Insurance Act.

Reforms initiated/ future direction

Taiwan has a ten year subsidization for long term care under homecare, community care and institutional care. The system aims to encourage home care and increase target population to include disabled and dependent. Subsidies for institutional care are also to be increased. The implementation is expected to completed by 2017.1

1Long term care policy and practice in Taiwan (PDF 347 KB)
Accessed 21 February, 2013.


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