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  • Date: 5/21/2013


An overview of long term systems for the elderly and future direction.

Current long term care system for elderly

The LTC system in Norway is part of the social welfare system. It is mainly financed and provided by the public sector, with the responsibilities decentralized to the municipalities (the lowest government level).

Program and nature of coverage

The municipalities in Norway organise both home based care and institutional care (formal care) and it is publicly funded. Home care covers all necessary healthcare services that can be provided in the home. Food delivery or assistance to cook/shop for food as well as cleaning services for the home and assistance with personal hygiene will also be provided in the home care scheme.

Nature of benefit coverage

Home-based services are largely covered by the national insurance scheme (NIS). The NIS is publically funded and available to all Norwegians.

The users of institutional care pay a user charge dependent on their income. Institutional care is predominately provided by nursing homes and covers board and lodging, physician, physiotherapy and dental services (also pharmaceuticals and specialized health care services).

Source of funding

The system is predominately funded by general taxes.

Reforms initiated/ future direction

Certain policies are being adopted to shift the emphasis more in the direction of home-based care for elderly. One of the policy measures is the Norwegian ‘Coordination Reform’, which was presented in 2009 and implemented from January 2012. It aims at reducing the demand for hospital admissions, especially among the elderly and chronically ill. Starting 2012, the municipalities are required to pay part of the costs of in- and outpatient services for all medical cases referred to hospitals.

There is also an increased focus on the private provision of care for the elderly, with many of the large cities in Norway inviting private providers to compete for tenders in this sector.1,2

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