• Industry: Healthcare
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 5/21/2013


An overview of long term systems for the elderly and future direction.

Current long term care system for elderly

Long term care is provided under a national statutory social insurance programe.1

Program and nature of coverage

LTC in Netherlands are offered by regional care purchasing agencies (under the Social Support Act) after assessment tests are conducted. Coverage is also provided by private healthcare insurers( under ZVQ, AWBZ).

Nature of benefit coverage

Healthcare in the Netherlands is financed by a dual system. Long-term treatments are covered by a state-controlled mandatory insurance, the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ).For all regular (short-term) medical treatment (e.g. GP or hospital care) there is a system of obligatory health insurance, with private health insurance companies. These insurance companies are obliged to provide a package with a defined set of insured treatments. Every insured person age 18 and over must also pay a deductible, although GP care is exempt from cost-sharing. On top of that is social support for the elderly (non medical care) covered under the Social Support Act (Wmo), executed by local government.

Source of funding

The schemes are funded by a mix of employer contribution, individual contribution and central taxes. About 8% of AWBZ expenditure is funded by user payments.2

Reforms initiated/ future direction

The government aims to decentralise operations in municipalities (shift from AWBZ to WMO), home care is already executed by local government; personal care like activities of daily living and guidance (daytime activities) will follow in 2013/2014. Also rehabilitation care will also be shifted to general healthcare system by 2013.3

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